About Shenoa

Reiki Master


Shenoa Kerr was born in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin in a cabin that was built by her father on 80 acres of beautiful, country land and grew up in LaCrosse with her three siblings.  Her parents were holistic-minded hippies, which embarrassed her as a child but as an adult she has learned to embrace their example of a natural connection to the earth, and now she appreciates everything holistic.  She knows that she has always been on a spiritual and healing path and believes that she truly found her soul’s purpose by becoming a healer.
In 2009, her holistic dentist influenced her through healing touch.  Subsequently, a dear friend began treating her with Reiki in 2011.  Four years later, a car accident became a catalyst to learning Reiki for pain management and it has been part of her life ever since.  She is now a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition and is also certified in Animal Reiki.  Reiki has not only changed her life, but also the lives of her clients’ in many positive ways by bringing more balance to mind, body, and spirit.
Shenoa also has a bachelor’s degree in social work and is an independent hairstylist.  She loves guiding and helping others with a variety of needs through life’s challenges and lessons and is always looking forward to the next bend in the road of her healing journey.
In her free time, Shenoa enjoys life in the country, being in nature, hiking, traveling, reading, and spending time with friends and family.