doTERRA provides the most tested, and most trusted essential oils on the market through careful sourcing and production. Learn how families and individuals are using dōTERRA products to empower themselves and others with these amazing gifts of the earth. With doTERRA, you can be ready for anything.

Perfect Pairs

Amber & Amethyst Branded Rollers

Keeping with the A&A values, we offer our own custom, hand made essential oil rollers with crystal balls and crystal chips. The essential oils used are all doTERRA, so you are still getting the highest quality oils on the market. 

each pack of 10 comes with:

Frankincense & clear quartz

Apply to your temples to enhance meditation, or apply to your pulse points to find mental and emotional balance. The quartz crystals will amplify all the benefits of the frankincense!

lavender & amethyst

Apply behind your ears for calming and relaxation before bed, or apply to your pulse points to reduce anxiety. The amethyst will amplify the anti-anxiety properties by protecting the psyche from foreign energies. 

deep blue & Sodalite

Deep Blue is a powerful proprietery blend that sooths sore muscles and achey joints. Apply as needed! Sodalite is known for helping one access the deepest parts of themselves, and some sources claim it improves circulation and reduces inflamation.

breathe & lapis lazuli

The Breathe blends use of eucalyptus and peppermint, along with other oils, make it perfect for stuffy noses, sore throats, and any other kind of nasal or chest congestion ailment. Apply to the chest when symptoms appear, or whenever you feel you need a breath of fresh air. Lapis Lazuli is the champion stone for the throat chakra and everything associated with it!

forgive & rose quartz

doTERRA's Forgive blend inspires the mind by promoting emotional balance and healing. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Regardless of who needs your forgivness, Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to guide you through the process.

peace & green aventurine

Apply Peace blend to the pulse points or chest to promote a sense of peace and calm. The aventurine calms your nervers and anger and brings you to emotional harmony.

console & fluorite

When dealing with loss, rub Console blend over the heart. When dealing with stress apply it to the shoulders to lift the weight of the world away. Console will promote hopeful and comforting feelings, while the fluorite will help to cleanse your energetic field and think through your negative perceptions.

motivate & tiger Eye

Rub doTERRA Motivate blend on the temples to maintain focus or on the back of the neck to boost confidence. Tiger eye is the stone of masculinity and amplifies courage, confidence, and drive. 

passion & Jasper

Bring back your passion for life by rubing the amazing Passion blend on the chest over the heart. Boost creativity by applying to the wrists. Red Jasper itself boosts vitality, love for life, and sexual energy. 

on guard and obsidian

Ulimate protection in a bottle! On Guard supports the immune system and is even proven to kill bacteria. Obsidian is the go to stone for protection becuase it soaks up all negative energy and protects the user.