Energy Clearing

This ancient Native American ritual is also known as Smudging


Homes retain the energy of everyone who enters them, whether positive or negative. Through a smudging ritual this energy is cleansed of the home through the smoke of the sage and the prayers of those present during the ritual. Smudge your new home to start fresh or anytime the energy feels heavy.


Objects, like homes, can retain energy the energy of those whom it has come into contact. Purchased antiques especially are heavy with energy and may require cleansing. Even heirlooms passed down from generations or objects belonging to a toxic person should be smudged to avoid the energy affecting the home and those around them. 


People can carry the energy of those around them. Being around negative people or situations can affect ones thoughts, emotions, and health. Smudging will cleanse negative energies so a person is no longer held down by the energy of others.