Tarot cards

A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, each with its own meaning. There are several methods of drawing and interpreting the cards. I do not work with traditional Tarot decks, and instead work with modified versions that do not contain "dark" energy cards. These decks still contain the 5 major suits: the Major Arcana and the four Minor Arcana and follow the same rules and principles of traditional decks.

Oracle cards

Oracle cards all differ in their content, each with cards related to the purpose of the deck. Most commonly these decks contain 44 cards and have no set layout for interpretation. Often the reader will shuffle the cards until one sticks out of the deck and pull it out. The reader will continue to shuffle until no more cards stick out.

This has been one of my favorite readings I’ve had in a long time! Amber seemed to pick up on all the major relatable points in the cards that applied to me with ease and the rest of the details were perfectly relevant and enlightening. this is a spread that I will look back on often.
— Katie Lynn

Awesome experience and super scary relateable. [It] was a pleasure to get a reading from her.
— Hamish Greenhill