About Amber


certified Reiki master, lifelong intuitive, and physical medium.

Q & A

When did you become Psychic?

I guess I always have been, but since no two people have the same experiences with their abilities, it took me years to figure out. I started to realize I was different around age 15, but after a few bad experiences I shut it out of my life until after I turned 27. Up until then I suffered massive panic attacks, major anxiety over the smallest things, and had a huge fear of being away from my family for more than a few hours. Business trips? Forget it! I’d seen a few TV shows with popular psychics who explained they had the same issues, and once they came to terms with their abilities, things got exponentially better. I did some more research and decided to give it another go.


Who do you talk to when you do a reading?

I deal only with God, his angels, and my spirit guides. However they don’t talk to me like you and I would talk to each other, I am an empath, which means I feel the emotions they want to pass on. I am an intuitive, which means knowledge simply comes to me, usually as a spontaneous thought. I am also a physical medium, which means I can channel actual pain or sensations someone feels. I, in no way shape or form, deal with negative energies or random entities that pop up and want to talk to me. With education and practice I have been able to shield and protect myself from anything less than pure light beings and loved ones passed. This also means I don’t walk into peoples houses and see ghosts walking around. but honestly, who would want to see that?


Can you really do a reading or Reiki on me without me being there?

Yes! Spirits and energy are not bound by the same space and time laws that govern our physical bodies, and understandably we have a hard time comprehending this. But almost every religion and culture has examples of spirits and even people being in more than one place at a time. From Christianity alone you have Jesus at the Crucifixion and Father Padre Pio. Even science is now able to have one atom in two different places! It is actually quite easy to connect to another persons energy, and you have probably done it yourself as well. Have you ever thought of calling someone and all of a sudden you get a call from them? There are many ways to connect and transfer energy over a few feet of distance or thousands of miles.


How can you read my future?

I use oracles, and oracles don’t necessarily tell the future. They allow me to read into your unconscious fears and desires that would normally shape your future without you being aware of it. These oracles are hundreds, even thousands of years old and time tested methods of interpreting our unconscious for information to better serve us in the future. While I cannot rule out the possibility of a guide providing me information to give directly to you that isn’t from your unconscious, this is very rare. Many psychics who claim to see the future are also just using these oracles that read the unconscious. Don’t worry though, this is non invasive, and I am not “reading your mind”. I am simply reading the energy that you project off and allow me to read. If you are very closed off and not engaged in the reading I will have a hard time getting information. The more open you can be, more energy will flow, and I will be able to give a better reading with better accuracy.